800 Portraits /Porträts Dresden
A speculative art project by Christopher Haley Simpson

This series of lifesize portraits I began the
year before last I have decided to use it
to establish the international significance
of English painting in Dresden. For the
last 40 years theEnglish School of painting
in Dresden has been growing.

Now is the time for it to
come out of the closet existence
which dominant aesthetic hegemony has
allotted to it up until now.

800portraets01 800portraets02 800portraets03
It's my intention to paint up to 800
lifesize portraits in and around Dresden,
and though this is my true intention,
the success or failure of this venture
I can only speculate upon at the
800portraets01.jpg 800portraets02.jpg 800portraets03.jpg
I'm no longer interested in the
latest weekly trends in art.
Art should address itself to
absolutes such as time and gravity,
love of life, fear of eternal death,
and ask the question
what is the utmost we can achieve
in this life and in our art, which shall
carry artistic achievement onwards
and be a heroic example to those
who follow, instead of just a pandering
towards fleeting art market tastes or
curatorial truths.
800portraets04 800portraets05 800portraets06
800portraets04.jpg 800portraets05.jpg 800portraets06.jpg