800 Portraits /Porträts Dresden
A speculative art project by Christopher Haley Simpson

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Here is Marion Kurzte
in the foreground and
Sophia in the background.

Marion works as a nurse
and as a tough working day.
Whilst doing her portrait
I've discovered she has similiar
music tastes to me
and I'm going to lend her my
Morrissey CDs.

I first painted her husband
Roland because although he
is called Kurtze, which sounds
almost like "Kurz" meaning short, Roland is the tallest
person I've painted up to the moment.

I have yet to fit Roland's portrait on this online
documentation. Suffice it to
say today that I have done
mor than 18 and that I am well
on my way to reaching 80
which is to be the next hurdle
in this aesthetic ongoing