The elements

Composed in Lancaster in July 2009



See! How beautifully the earth doth grow.

T’is a great seed which we to gravitation owe;

A cell from which all fruits have sprung,

As well as trees and beasts and man.

It was once but a speck of dust you know.


Feel! How forcefully the wind doth blow.

It swirls up clouds and awful storms may brew;

It tosses up most horrid seas,

Scourges the earth, causes miseries,

But now a gentle breeze, doth tranquillity renew.


Sense! How splendidly the fire doth glow.

It warms the house, the children sit in awe;

Whilst staring at its embers,

Who’d think it could be dangerous?

Ferocious heat empowers both heart and soul.


Hark! How carelessly doth water flow,

From mountains steep it falls, fills dark deep seas below;

I love to float upon its waves,

It seems like flying, enervates.

It tastes refreshing, simple, true.


Know! The soul is made of elements combined,

They metamorph and play inside the mind.

T’is metaphysic sport,

Thought up for our delight,

By a calming spirit, absolute and kind.



Read! These squiggles on the page which magnetise

Your seething feelings, captivate your eyes.

May fictions penned before the light of dawn,

Bring some renown to this poor artist’s cap and gown,

His tireless studiousness to immortalize.