Garten Echos
Christopher Haley Simpson
Summer 2009

This is the largest series of flower paintings
I've done to date.
The works came about during the Portrait 100
project celebrating 100 years of the garden city
Hellerau. All the works are 140 x 120 cm and
were painted out of doors in this garden...
I've also started writing metaphysical flower poems
parallel to creating these works.

garten-echos01 garten-echos02 garten-echos03
Dandelion Lilacs Daisy, daisy
I love doing large scale flower and nature still lifes.
There's no reason to assume that Monet's waterlilies
are an end point in such developments.
Monet is a leading spirit to me
but there is so much he left undone.
In some vineyard variations which
I'm engaged with at the moment, I'm seeking
to integrate an impressionistic close up of leaves
and grapes or tendrils with the vaster atmospheric
depths of the wide landscape.
Dying forget me not