1964-  The Magic Cabinet / Der Zauberschrank

This is to be an attempt tp create an online cabinet, not only of my drawings and prints but also my larger format paintings.

I hope in the coming years to put more and more of my prolific works on show, for ease of perusal and for the benefit of future documentation.

The cabinet drawers are to be dedicated to both classical genres such as portrait and landscape, but also cycles and variations which have come about due to the same creative sweep and formal logic.

I also intend to sort the landscapes for instance according to their country of origin.

Some of the series are finished, but the experiences gained in them are the building blocks in series which follow;

Ongoing projects:

800 Portraits

Weinberg Variations /Vineyard Variations

This is what my one of my drawing cabinets looks like. Songs of bliss and sighs of flame.
Event Pictures

Reisebilder-Travel Pictures

Spaziergänge durch die Dresdner Neustadt
Walks in Dresden Neustadt

Serbische Bohnensuppe mit Kosovo Wein 1995

The The Musician
Martial Romanko


Aktzeichnungen/Nude drawings

The 80 Mannequins


Some self portraits

Garten Echos

Schaubuden Sommer 2008
Showbooth Summertime

Prager Variations 1994

Dresden-Cycles and Variations

Early still life

Frauenkirche Visual Diary
Visuelles Tagebuch