Flower paintings / Blumenbilder
Christopher Haley Simpson
an ongoing series


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Up till a few years ago
I had hardly done many still-lifes
The commissioned works
of the last few
years have focussed
my attention more and more
on flora's great empire of flowers
blumen-etcetera01 blumen-etcetera02 blumen-etcetera03
blumen-etcetera01.jpg blumen-etcetera02.jpg blumen-etcetera03.jpg
My interest in the flower sprang
into poetic vein in 2009 when I
began writing on this theme in
Dresden's Garden City of Hellerau.
blumen-etcetera04 blumen-etcetera05 blumen-etcetera06
blumen-etcetera04.jpg blumen-etcetera05.jpg blumen-etcetera06.jpg
My flowery concerns have now
followed onto and begun
fruitioning in a new series of
vineyard variations in which I
am seeking to combine
impressionistic still-life with
deep focussed landscape.
blumen-etcetera07 blumen-etcetera08 blumen-etcetera09
blumen-etcetera07.jpg blumen-etcetera08.jpg blumen-etcetera09.jpg