Early still life / Früheres Stilleben
Christopher Haley Simpson

Here's a small selection
of my still lifes dating back
to my school days in Lancaster.

The apple is the earliest.
The cauliflower is my
early-still-life01 early-still-life02 early-still-life03
early-still-life01.jpg early-still-life02.jpg early-still-life03.jpg
The flowers in the empty jam
jar is the very first serious
flower still life I ever tried.
It was unique upü until a
few years ago. Now I do
systematic flower series.
I see in beautiful and tragic
flowers, metaphors for
human gestures and futility.

Our own faces are flowers
in the glad garden of infintiy.
early-still-life04 early-still-life05  
early-still-life04.jpg early-still-life05.jpg