Frauenkirche Rekonstruktion- visuelles Tagebuch / Visual Diary
Christopher Haley Simpson

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This selection of photos
and a first diary from
the building site I put
together to make
a calendar for my
father in 2003. The
photos have never yet
been shown in public.
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DSC00001.jpg DSC00002.jpg DSC00003.jpg
I first went onto the
building site of the
Frauenkirche in 1998
following the suggestion
of the architect Thomas
Gottschlich. I drew and
painted there until
DSC00004 DSC00005 DSC00006
DSC00004.jpg DSC00005.jpg DSC00006.jpg
I've taken hundreds of
photos, made many
hours of film, drawings
and paintings great and
small, which are still
developing. See my
Variationen & Zyklen.
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