Portraits 1986-2009 Auswahl
Christopher Haley Simpson
Here's a first selection of some of the portraits I've done over the years. I took the pictures in stress and they've neither been corrrected as far as the colour values go, nor cropped. but I wanted to give at least an idea of what I've been up to in this genre. So please forgive my haste (Alas! When will I e'er have enough time oh Fortune, to make all that thou dost demand of me!) I hope to upload images from all of my genres as soon as possible. Landscape, Dream Painting, Variations, Drawings, Pictures of Events, Portraits on Paper, Etchings, Photography, Filminstallations. Some of the pictures in this selection are over 20 years old, dating back from my time as an art student at the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford in 1984.

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'Peter-Underwood 'Ute-Richter2 Annette-Joseit Bo-Mueller Bruno-Kuenter
'Peter-Underwood.jpg 'Ute-Richter2.jpg Annette-Joseit.jpg Bo-Mueller.jpg Bruno-Kuenter.jpg
David-sitting David-sleeping Die-Wende-1989 Dietmar-Koenig Dietmar-und-Freundin
David-sitting.jpg David-sleeping.jpg Die-Wende-1989.jpg Dietmar-Koenig.jpg Dietmar-und-Freundin.jpg
Dr-Siegfried-Dorn Grandmother Grandmother2 Gundula Schulze Dr. Don gustavo
Dr-Siegfried-Dorn.jpg Grandmother.jpg Grandmother2.jpg Gundula Schulze.jpg Don_Gustavo.jpg